Go To Team Houston Crew | Fox News in New Orleans on NYE

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“Pass a good time!” What else can you say when you get to spend New Year’s Eve in New Orleans?

It’s never a bad time shooting in The Big Easy, but it is especially fun with the Fox News crew! Go To Team’s Houston cameraman, Kirby Clarke, was ecstatic when asked to partner with Fox on the festivities.

New Years Eve in New Orleans

Our crews were challenged with rain and crowds, which caused them to change location four times. Go To Team places our cameramen through our nationally recognized apprenticeship program, so they are trained for these exact situations.

The shoot ran for two days. The first day, Kirby arrived in New Orleans and scouted for good locations to set up. It’s always good to have a few locations in mind that could work, in the event that weather or other outside forces, cause you to move. This prep definitely paid off for the crew!

The second day was dedicated to covering the excitement of New Year’s Eve. The piece was shot on an HDX900 and litepanels were used to light talent.

The people celebrating New Years Eve in New Orleans made the shoot even more fun for the crew. “People were asking to be on camera, and a few even asked if I was famous. I would definitely work on this again!” – Kirby ClarkeWe are looking forward to more celebrations and shoots with the Fox News team throughout this year! Interested in reading about the New Years Eve in New York? Check out our blog here!