Go To Team | How to Create the Perfect Artifact Backdrop

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Have you ever worked on a video production shoot and needed major inspiration for a backdrop set up? Go To Team’s D.C. cameraman, David DiFalco provides insight on how to get the perfect look using everyday items!

Recently, our crew shot a project in a warehouse full of hidden treasures and historical artifacts.

Perfect Backdrop

The pieces may look like average everyday items, but a lot of them were antique. Through our interview, we wanted to highlight the fact that the warehouse owner has a large inventory of artifacts.

“My job was to piece together a background that not only highlighted this but was also well composed.” – David DiFalco

Below is an example of how to create this perfect artifact backdrop. The one on the left highlights items that our crew added into the background to fill the frame, and to highlight just how much stuff the warehouse owner has. On the right, you can see how clean this backdrop appears.

Perfect BackdropPerfect Backdrop

With such an intricate background, not only does our interview subject need to be well lit but so do all the background elements.

A lot of the items were backlit using tungsten lights with CTB to match the overheads, as well as interview lighting. There were also lights used to front light some of the items. The challenge for this style of interview is to compose everything and light everything to make it look natural and not staged.

In the end, the background may not look “special” but that’s because a lot of effort was put in to make it so it’s not distracting. This allows the interview to be digestible, but still appealing to the viewer.

“This interview set-up was particularly fun for me because it was challenging and took artistic ability to piece it together. Every time I get a chance to challenge myself and push myself further makes all the effort worth it.” – David DiFalco

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