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Go To Team Las Vegas Crew | Spaulding for Children

Have you ever had a calling to help a child in need? 

Spaulding for Children is a non-profit that works with children in the foster care system, and they are on a mission to find permanent and safe families for these children.


Spaulding for Children chose to work with Go To Team’s Las Vegas cameraman Ethan Sneed to capture interviews with foster families and young adults who outgrew the foster care system. The goal being to provide advice and training to parents who are wanting to foster children.


The interviews were filmed on a Sony Fs7 and a Sony a7s camera and were set up in a small hotel room with a green screen backdrop. The change with a tight space is that it doesn’t allow for proper room between the talent and the green screen. Our crew set up a very slight magenta light between the subject and green screen, to reflect light off of the subject and make a great shot. Our crew also used genaray light panels and ARRI tungstens to fill light where it was needed. Mike Carmona was on audio.image13

“I love the challenge of figuring out how to separate the talent from the background of a green screen, but what I love more is shooting material that creates a positive impact on so many lives. I enjoy making these videos exciting, and this style of corporate shoot is just so satisfying!” – Ethan Sneedimage22

Thank you to Spaulding for Children for continuing to work with Go To Team’s Crew and for continuing to better the lives of so many children!


Remember, anyone can help make a difference in a child’s life through foster care, adoption, mentorship, or just a donation. Every effort helps, no matter how big or small! 


If you would like to learn more or make a donation, you can visit spaulding.org.