Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Go To Team Miami Crew | CNBC – Miami Boat Show

Miami Boat Show | Ryan Brower

Go To Team Miami Crew | CNBC – Miami Boat Show

The Miami Boat Show is an annual event in February, produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association in Miami, FL. This event showcases more than 1,300 boats on the water!

Miami Boat Show | Ryan Brower

This year, CNBC partnered with Go To Team’s Miami cameraman, Ryan Brower, to help capture it all!

Our crew set up on a few different small boats for interviews, which at first presented itself as a challenge. That said, Go To Team crews are trained for these exact scenarios! Out crew was limited with how much gear they could bring aboard the boat due to it potentially going overboard, so Ryan was only able to bring the Sony F5 along for these two live hits.

Miami Boat Show | Ryan Brower


“We had to pack lightly and couldn’t bring gimbals for stabilization, so we had to rock with the boat to keep the shots solid and maintain stability.” – Ryan Brower

For the live segments on the boats, the footage was fed through a LiveU directly to CNBC.

All footage for the day was shot on a Sony F5. For the land interviews, our crews were able to utilize a bit more gear. They used Arri Fresnel light panels with portable batteries to help light the subjects. These lights are very beneficial to use in outdoor situations because camera crews are never able to predict whether an outlet will be present.  

Miami Boat Show | Ryan Brower

The subjects of the interviews provided insight into the boating industry and discussed how international tariffs are impacting buyers who don’t want to pay the added costs.

Miami Boat Show | Ryan Brower

We are grateful to CNBC for working with Go To Team’s Miami Crew on the Miami Boat Show! We are looking forward to upcoming projects with you and your team! 

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