Go To Team New York Crew | Bravest Knight Interviews

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Society has been progressing forward, and so has the world of animation!

Big Bad Boo Studios | Reid Petro

Hulu and Big Bad Boo Studios worked with Go To Team’s New York DP, Reid Petro, to help capture film interviews for their newest project: Bravest Knight.  Big Bad Boo.  Big Bad Boo Studios is an award-winning studio that is known for their dedication to creating the highest quality 2D animation that is inclusive to diverse audiences. 

Big Bad Boo Studios | Reid Petro

The “Bravest Knight Interviews” was inspired by one of Big Bad Boo’s latest animations where the star of the cartoon was an LGBTQ hero. This new animated series was a groundbreaking digital storybook and short and has changed the game for digital animation storylines.

Our crews are honored to be a part of this project! For the interview portion, our crews captured all footage on a Sony F5. The Sony F5 is great for capturing high-quality footage and being easy to maneuver in different spaces.  For lighting, a typical three-point lighting style was utilized. The talent was lit with an LED Panel, an HMI, and Kino Lights.

Big Bad Boo Studios | Reid Petro

We are honored that Hulu and Big Bad Boo Studios chose to work with Go To Team crews. We are excited to work on future projects and inspirational stories in the future!