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As kids, stuffed animals are a big part of our life. They protect us from monsters in the closet and under the bed. They wait in our backpacks so we can play with our friends after school. And they hear all of our hopes and dreams!

One special business owner in Wills Point, TX recognized this bond between children and their toys. Starting with a big idea and a single product, the young entrepreneur started Viahart.

Go To Team Waco Crew | CNBC | Vlahart

The start-up company is now gaining national recognition for designing and manufacturing a variety of toys and sports equipment, from construction blocks to stuffed animals. VIahart tailors each toy to the entertainment and academic needs of the child. 

CNBC featured Viahart recently on a segment, and worked with  Go To Team’s Waco TX DP, Roger Woodruff, as well as apprentice, Reinaldo Gentile-Rondon, to cover this heart-warming story. 

Go To Team Waco Crew | CNBC | Vlahart

The Waco crew first toured the Viahart distribution center, following around the CEO with a Sony F5 and capturing shots of their merchandise. 

Afterwards, the team set-up for an interview-styled shot with the small business owner. He elaborated on his passion for the company and the products, discussing the pros and cons of being a small business owner competing against the global powerhouse Amazon. Two Astra lite panels were positioned either side of the talent, complementing the natural light coming in through the windows, as well as the overhead lighting. 

Go To Team Waco Crew | CNBC | Vlahart

Thank you to CNBC for choosing Go To Team to capture this interview! We look forward to working with you on your next project!