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Spaulding For Children | DC Video Crew

Go To Team Washington DC Crew | Spaulding For Children

Parenthood requires love, not DNA.

Spaulding for Children’s is an organization whose mission is to assure that all children grow up in safe, permanent families and have the help they need to be successful in life. They partner with families, communities, organizations, states and the nation.

Spaulding for Children chose to work with Go To Team’s D.C. DP, Dave DiFalco to capture interviews of various people involved in different aspects of the adoption process. Some were adopted themselves, some work at an agency, and some work as therapists helping these kids get through their time at these agencies.

“What I found remarkable is; almost all of them also have their own adopted children.” -Dave DiFalco

Spaulding For Children | DC Video Crew

For this shoot, the crew set up a green screen with a Sony F5 and an a7sii. To ensure the faces of the subjects had soft even lighting, we used two kino lights, two 650 watt tungstens, and two 350 watt tungstens. We used a Lav and Boom to get clear quality audio from the interviews.

Anyone can help change a child’s life through foster care, adoption, mentorship, or donation. Every effort helps, no matter how big or small! If you would like to learn more or make a donation, you can visit spaulding.org.

Thank you to Spaulding for Children for working with Go To Team on this special project, we hope to work with them in the future!