Adesk App Crew Database is FREE for the Next 6 months to Vendors and Crew Members to Support them During the Crisis

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“Production has halted, shows are dark, some companies like XFL have filed for bankruptcy leaving people owed thousands of dollars and not everyone has gotten stimulus money. We know that content will come back and crews will get to work again, but we want every freelancer to be ready when it does come back and it shouldn’t cost them any money right now.” — ADesk Founder, Patrick Bryant is free to vendors and crew members for 6 months.

While we’re all unemployed in our individual states and equally frustrated with the state of the production industry, we’re allowing free profiles to vendors and crew members. We want every crew member that was working before the crisis to be working after and have access to all opportunities. If you already have a paid profile, we’ll add 6 months free to the end of your renewal. 

It takes a true team to cover more than 4,000 shoot days each year. A big Thank You goes out to all crews in the community. 

We hope the entire industry takes advantage of this offer. The functionality of the app allows Production Managers to book any crew position they need, instantaneously. Through the simple click of a button an entire crew and shoot can be booked and managed through the platform. We know this will be the new normal when we come back and we want everyone to come along with ussays Bryant is the ultimate CRM for the Production Community. Crew members and bookers are able to create a free profile on the ADesk app. 

From a booking perspective, producers and bookers will be able to have their crews marked as their top crews and placed at the top of their search feeds. If the shoot is out of range for the preferred crew, or they are already booked that day, community rankings will help determine a viable alternative option along with new searches in that area.

“We ask all crew members to update, register, and share our ADesk crew profiles, so that when the work starts coming back we can get them on shoots as soon as possible.” -Courtney Crosby, Operations Manager.

Our thoughts are with all of you as we get through this. We’re looking forward to our next shoot together.

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe,