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Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Q&A with Apprentice & Go To Team Cameraman Jimmy Hall

Q&A with Apprentice & Go To Team Cameraman Jimmy Hall

GTT gave Jimmy 6 questions and here are his unedited responses:

What is the coolest assignment you have been on, what was your position?

The most memorable assignment would be the NASCAR on FOX airplane hangar shoot of ’06 in Daytona Beach.  When we arrived to the airplane hangar we were quickly notified that there were not enough Grips hired and that all the Sound Ops, DP’s, and anybody else that wasn’t doing anything had to help build two 30 ft tall sets made out of truss.  It was definitely an accomplishment to admire.

Advice for anyone interested in the apprenticeship?

The best advice I would give anyone interested in the apprenticeship is don’t be timid.  Ask questions, this is your opportunity to become one of the best in this trade, you are learning new skills everyday, pay attention to what’s going on because you will want to utilize what you learn in the future on your set, as I always say ‘fill the bag’ its better to have more options then few. Take advantage of your DP’s  (Skip, Tom) knowledge, these guys are the best in the business,  they are taking their time to help you excel your pace to becoming a better camera op.  Don’t be cocky, be confident but modest, you don’t know as much as you think you do, take that energy and put it toward setting up a 6×6.

How do you feel about Skip Clark’s ability to teach?

Let’s just say he has more patience than a Buddhist Monk. Talk about a guy who is in full game mode all the time, it’s hard not to admire his dedication.  Take advantage of your time with Skip, you have a lot to learn and he’s the guy with the answers.

Tell one story from the apprenticeship…

About five months into the apprenticeship GTT set me up as ‘C’ camera on a Pit Crew reality pilot.  With Tom and Dave on A and B camera, it was a great  experience to watch Tom direct a multi camera shoot, the things he would come up with on the fly were truly inspiring.  His split second decision making and on the spot improv were signs of a seasoned pro.  GTT set me up with a great opportunity to experience how a multi cam reality shoot should be done.

What’s the most challenging part of the apprenticeship?

I would say the most challenging part is the immediate lifestyle change.  Nobody lives like we do,  the demand for your service is immediate so be one step ahead all the time, and watch out for the curb, ’cause when you trip you fall hard.  The next year of your life will be this apprenticeship, so prepare your family, friends, girlfriends, and wives YOU WILL BE TRAVELING ALL THE TIME, I can’t stress that enough.  If you don’t have unlimited minutes or unlimited text messaging, get it, don’t have a laptop buy one.  This will be your means of communication with your people.  This is a sprint into a brick wall.

How do you feel about being a part of GTT?

I couldn’t think of a better place to be! This ship is commanded by the best in the business. I have been continually impressed with everything from gear the crews are equipped with (so are our clients), the research and thought of being on the cutting edge of the industry, to our office think tank that comes up with revolutionary marketing decisions and of course the machiavellian strategy to champion the 1st annual GTT Fantasy football league. It’s great to be part of a Team who strives on creativity and excellence, I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.