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Why Hire Our Cleveland, Ohio Video Production Camera Crew?

Jordan Woods

Cleveland cameraman, Jordan Woods, has a passion for telling stories in the most intriguing and visually captivating way possible. Using lighting and camera movement to convey emotion, excitement, and to enhance a story is what he does best.

Jordan has been honing his skills and knowledge the last few years. His love of all things video related has brought him to work for clients such as: CNBC, MLB, DAZN, ABC, Player’s Tribune and many more. Finding a special look and feel that best tells the story keeps him a cut above.

His dedication and love for his craft sets Jordan apart. “It’s about passion” – Jordan Woods. He sees difficult situations as opportunities to innovate not as something to fear. So if creating a specific, unique, and memorable piece is the goal, Jordan is your guy.

Recent Video Production Shoots in Cleveland, OH


“Walmart and the Walmart Foundation Commit $25 Million to Global COVID-19 Response Effort” Go To Team crews worked with Walmart to help cover this response effort across America. Florida, Michigan & Illinois were a few of the states we helped tell this story in.  Go......

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Go To Team Chicago Crew | CNBC: The Future of Business

“When there is change, there is opportunity.” CNBC is there to cover this opportunity in The Future of Business as they examine the United States as we go through an extraordinary era of change and disruption.  CNBC brought in our Chicago cameraman, Kyle Kaiser, and......

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Go To Team Cleveland Crew | The Weather Channel - Lake Effect Snow Live Hits

You guys staying warm out there? With record low temperatures in New York this Winter, The Weather Channel brought in our Cleveland cameraman, Jordan Woods, to capture a few live hits of lake effect snow. For those of us in the South who weren’t sure......

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Go To Team Cleveland Crew | ESPN - Ja Morant

Go Grizz!! After foregoing his final two seasons at Murray State University to go pro, basketball player Ja Morant was drafted second overall in the 2019 draft to the Memphis Grizzlies. ESPN sat down with Morant to talk about how he felt his first season......

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Go To Team Cleveland Crew | Vista World Link

Lights, camera, action! A shoot simply couldn’t happen without the first part of that phrase: the lights! Vista World Link recently headed to Saint Vincent College in Louisiana to talk about the new abortion laws they are going in effect in Louisiana and they brought......

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Go To Team Cleveland Crew | ESPN - Pitt Women's Softball Interviews

“There’s no I in team!” The women of Pitt’s softball team embrace the old adage whole heartedly.  With less than a month until the start of their 2020 season, the players sat down with ESPN to talk about their teammates, where they were from, and......

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Go To Team New York Crew | Bleacher Report - Casino Competitions

Imagine playing against legendary Eagles player, Brian Westbrook. Okay so maybe not on the field, but Bleacher Report took Westbrook and pitted him against Cowboys superfan and YouTube Vlogger ZackTTG in a battle for bragging rights. The two competed in various skills competitions to win......

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Go To Team Cleveland Crew | CNN - Live Hit

News happens everywhere, at any point in time. It’s always important to have your gear ready for a live hit, especially when you work with national news channels like CNN. Over the last year, CNN has covered the trails with the President of the United......

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