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Our New York Office

Our New York Staff Video Camera Crew Shoots In:

New York • Manhattan • Hoboken • Montclair • Chester • New Haven • Springfield • Providence • Woodstock • New Paltz • Greenwich • Princeton • New Brunswick • New Hope • Atlantic City • Nazareth • Allentown • York • Hartford • Essex • Harrisburg • Baltimore • Philadelphia • Albany • Worcester • Wilmington • All Production Crew for New York


Why Hire Our New York City, New York Video Production Camera Crew?

Go To Team cameraman, David Romain is our New York City based cameraman. Originally from Brooklyn, David is ready to bring his unique touch back to his hometown. He is well-rounded in shooting but enjoys bring other people’s stories to reality as well. His work with high-end clients like Turner Sports, Disney +, MLS, and The Weather Channel has shaped his shooting to make everything he shoots broadcast quality no matter the audience.

Recent Video Production Shoots in New York City, NY

Our NYC DP, David Romain and newly appointed Southern California DP, Jack Gaertner teamed up with our great, long-time client, Silhouette Media. Our client trusted the crew with lighting and shooting in this amazing venue hall in Boston. The crew got to use gear from......

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Last fall, Go To Crew had the opportunity to shoot the following episodes of “The Reel” for House of Highlights showcasing some of the biggest names in professional sports as they watch highlights from their careers and add additional commentary. The first shoot was in......

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Earlier this month, Roggg Woodruff and David Romain teamed up in Connecticut to shoot the first episode of a new series hosted by Dan Orlovsky and Laura Rutledge for Fanatics. This was to celebrate the rolling out the new 2023 Bowman College football trading cards.......

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NYC DP David Romain helped out our great client of UTA on their Project Impact event: a day from which they close down all their offices. All staff is required to commit to various community services activities across 5 locations. Here in New York City......

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What happens when you have Two David’s and a Philip? We get a great 4 day shoot in June. Director David Weilert and screenwriter/producer Philip Ramos created a great story with a working title: The Worst Best Man Ever. From weddings scenes, bars scenes, dinner scenes,......

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Not everyone enjoys working on their birthday but I do.  I actually had the day off so I could attend my nieces elementary school spring concert.  However, when the opportunity to shoot a three camera interview with, Olivia Pichardo, the first women to play D1......

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Go To Team Boston Crew | XFL - Wildcats vs Guardians

NFL season might be over, but the XFL is in full touchdown mode! The XFL has chosen to work with Go To Team crews throughout the first official season of the XFL, and we couldn’t be more pumped about it!  During week four of the......

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Go To Team New York Crew | The Rossen Report: Homemade Hand Sanitizer

People across the world seem to be panicking about the state of the world with the Coronavirus Pandemic in effect. With panicking, comes panic buying. Anyone that’s been to a grocery store in the past week could tell you the same thing: everything is out......

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