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Seattle Staff Video Production Camera Crew

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Our Seattle Office

Our Seattle Staff Video Camera Crew Shoots In:

Seattle • Bellevue • Tacoma • Kent • Everett • Arlington • Bremerton • Edmonds • Kirkland • Seatac • Lynnwood • Federal Way • Spokane • Moscow • Portland • Olympia • Kennewick • Salem • Eugene • San Francisco • Sacramento • San Jose • Reno • Redding • Medford • All Production Crew for Seattle


Why Hire Our Seattle, Washington Video Production Camera Crew?

Seattle based GTT Cameraman, Zach Caby is always looking for a challenge.

Zach’s years of experience Directing, Producing, Shooting and Editing interviews and multi-cam events make him any producer and editors best friend. “I’ve lit, mic’d and shot a hundred+ live events, interviews and promotional pieces.

“Production work is a partnership. I assist in setting up, blocking, lighting and shooting my projects. Zach’s “do everything” background in production and post makes him a valuable asset on set. “I understand the coverage an editor needs to properly cut a piece. I’ve done it.”

Zach covers the entire Northwest and is looking forward to helping tell your story. Behind the camera, everything fades away. I was taught to Show Not Tell. It’s about the entire production timeline.”

Recent Video Production Shoots in Seattle, WA

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Staff Video Production Camera Crews