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Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Our Story: Elite Video Crews throughout the United States

Storytelling matters and it’s best told through video. Go To Team camera people shoot great video at the highest level. We help tell stories by executing the producer and showrunner’s vision, creatively, behind the lens and with the lighting. We’re passionate storytellers. We think about the story from a visual perspective and help our clients tell that story.

We Build Directors of Photography. Our camera people are trained and developed to deliver the highest quality video. Our DPs can be found shooting Unscripted, Network News & Sports, Entertainment, Agency and for Brands all over the US.

No matter the platform, if you need video we’ve got you covered. Short form to Long form unscripted to lifestyle and snackable bites. Our content is pushed out to all platforms.

What’s next? Call us at 888-455-4333 or email us, Let’s #MakeCoolTV