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Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | RingCentral – A Real Small Business Makes the Switch and This is the Review

In early 2010 Go To Team switched from our traditional Bell South phone lines and started using Ring Central as our Virtual PBX and VoIP lines. We have been happy with the transition and the savings.

As a small Business we only have four phone lines in our main office in Charleston, South Carolina. However, we have 5 other offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, Raleigh, and Richmond. And, while each of these offices have phone lines most of them were using one Vonage VoIP line or routing the calls directly to Charleston.

In the end we were able to reduce costs from:

$350 to Bellsouth for 4 Lines, plus Long Distance

$15 to Skytel for a Pager

$100 to Vonage for 3 VoIP Lines


4 Line VoIP Plan from RingCentral $150

And, additional features (including local numbers in each market) $50

So, from $465 a month to $200… that’s a huge savings. And, the biggest win is the added functionality of a Virtual PBX. Clients can now leave route to employees cell phones or leave voicemails that are emailed to the employee. Another great feature is that faxes get emailed.

If you appreciate this review and want to check out Ring Central please use this link for the $10/mo Voice Attendant that we started out with :

Ring Central Virtual Phone System