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Los Angeles, California – Camera Crew – David Feeney Lance

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DavidFeeney_Lance@gototeam.com– 843-884-6222 ext 0

David Feeney Lance Copy 292x400 Los Angeles, California   Camera Crew   David Feeney Lance

David Feeney Lance is Go To Team’s Los Angeles Cameraman. He started in TV on the East Coast in upstate New York working on television show for National Geographic. While on “Building Wild”,  he discovered his passion for visual story telling. 

He was then “called” to LA he has worked in scripted, unscripted, news, web series, and commercials for major networks including:  Fox Sports, Whistle Sports, WWE, Turner Sports, Epic Games, AXS, Discovery Channel, The Weather Chanel & E! Network to name a few.

“The great thing about my life is the wide variety of stories and clients.” He believes, “The collaboration in the production process has always been an integral part of turning out an excellent product.” David strives to continuously expand his his storytelling and camera skills in an ever changing environment. “You never stop learning!”

Still Captures:

Camera Bodies: Sony F55, F5, A7S,– Canon C300, 5D

Glass:  Canon ENG HD Wide and Long lenses, L Series and Prime lenses.

Lights: 7 Head Arri kit with Chimeras, Diva 200s & 400s, 1×1 Lite Panels, Bron Kobald Weather Resistant HMIs

Gear: Sachtler 17″ an 8″ Tripods, 8″ and 17″ Field Monitors, Go Pros, 1/2 Ton Grip, LiveU LU400

Sound: Sound Devices 633 Mixer, 3 Lectrosonics 411 wireless mic systems, Lectrosonic wireless camera links, RA-50 stick mic, Tram and Sanken lavaliere mics, audio boom with Sennheiser shotgun mic.

Extra Items: MYT Slider, Convergent Designs Odyssey Transfer Device