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Drew Pilot - Las Vegas

Drew Pilot – Las Vegas

Drew’s gear package is one of the best in Las Vegas.  He’s ready to tell your story with a variety of cameras to choose from including the Sony Fx9, Sony FS5, and the Sony Fx3.  He also runs with a gimbal and wireless transmitters in his kit. Or He also runs with a full audio kit that includes a 6 channel mixer a boom and 2 lav mics.

Drew was a photojournalist for local news organizations in Los Angeles for several years.  His passion for image making and storytelling all combined into one. It was there where he learned to take single pictures that could help tell the story of a thousand words. Stills photography has fine tuned Drew into a DP that understands the fundamentals of framing and composition for storytelling.  He’s grown very comfortable shooting a variety of content from documentaries and corporate spots to entertainment and news.  Believing there’s always a good picture in every shot.

Drew’s personality is warm, calm and collected producers and clients love working with him. Drew is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  He regularly travels throughout Nevada, Southern California, Arizona and beyond for clients.  He loves the adventure of being on the road almost as much as he loves working with cameras and lighting.

Still Captures:

Equipment List:

Standard: Sony Fx9, Sony Fs7, Sony F5, Sony F55, Canon C300, Canon 5D w/ High Definition Canon lenses, Sachtler tripod, Panasonic HD field monitor, 9 Arri light heads with Chimeras, 2 Kino Flo Divas, IDX batteries, Sound Devices 633 – 6 channel mixer, 3 Lectrosonic wireless transmitters and receivers, wireless transmitters from audio person to camera, RE50 stick mic & 4 lavaliere mics, audio boom w/ Schoeps shotgun mic, & MP3 recorder with live transcription and timecode transcription capability.

Extra Items: Genray’s Light Panels, 200W/400W K5600 HMI’s, 800WHMI, Lectrosonic wireless IFB system, Canon 9×5.2 lens.

Location: Phoenix, AZ