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GTT Miami DP, Derrick Butler, Shoots with Hockey Legend

Every sport has that one big name, the one that even non sports fans recognize and look at in awe. Names like; Brady, Jordan, Woods, and Ali. Some people would give an arm and a leg to meet one of these greats. Last month I got the absolute pleasure to not only work with but he […]

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New England and NYC DP Shoot D1 Super Star Interview

Not everyone enjoys working on their birthday but I do.  I actually had the day off so I could attend my nieces elementary school spring concert.  However, when the opportunity to shoot a three camera interview with, Olivia Pichardo, the first women to play D1 baseball popped up I could not say no.  Plus, the […]

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New England DP Heads To “The Last Frontier” For Crime Show

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog so bear with me.  A lot of things in my life have changed but one constant is my drive to visit all fifty states.  A couple months ago I was lucky enough to get flown up to Anchorage, AK for a client that produces a crime show.  […]

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