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Video Production Crew Braves the Winter Weather with The Weather Channel

2018 has been filled with some pretty crazy weather so far. From snow on the beaches of Charleston to a Nor’easter in New England, our video production crews have been covering it all with The Weather Channel. So put on your winter coat and learn about what it takes to brave winter weather with a […]

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Tragedy In Joplin

Even after traveling to cover sports for the last seven years, Go To Team’s Skip Clark still finds himself on a news story every once in a while.  When tornadoes devastated the small town of Joplin, MO, in May the country reached out to help out, including NASCAR’s Jamie McMurray. McMurray was born and raised […]

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Election Coverage

Working with MSNBC Anchors Ashleigh Banfield, Chris Jansing, and Gregg Jarrett, the crews were shooting from 4AM to 4PM then traveled to their next location. Following the candidates meant crossing the country several times. In the first three days A & B Crews were in Little Rock, AK, Nashville, TN, and Davenport, IA. All five crews ended up in Nashville, TN or Austin, TX for election night coverage.

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