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Atlanta Video Camera Crew in the Studio with Silk for A. Smith & Co’s “Unsung”

Our Atlanta video camera crew, Brent Ebell, went behind the scenes of an episode of “Unsung” featuring the 90’s R&B group, Silk. R&B Group Silk on “Unsung” If you had told five choir boys 25 years ago that they would one day be known for sultry R&B songs like “Freak Me” and “Lose Control” they […]

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Columbia Camera Crew Throws It Back with Jagged Edge on Unsung

Columbia Camera Crew Breaks it Down with R&B Group Jagged Edge is So So Def on an all-new episode of Unsung on TV One! Our Columbia camera crew and A. Smith and Co. Productions went behind the scenes to shoot another episode of this artistic show. You may remember Jagged Edge as an R&B group hit-maker […]

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Phoenix Cameraman Is Feeling Lucky in Vegas with A. Smith & Co.

Teddy Riley helped form what R&B music is today, and our Phoenix cameraman was able to sit down and interview him for A. Smith & Co’s “Unsung” Music Series. “Unsung’s” documentary series highlights artists to learn about where they came from, the search for their “big break” and where they are now. Riley is a […]

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