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Potter Launch Boosts Attendance For Universal Orlando Resort

With Go To Team’s offices on the back-lot of Universal Studios, we get to see – first hand – the excitement of the crowds each day.  And now the Miami Herald is reporting what we’ve all been witnessing:  that at just half a year into The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Orlando’s full-year attendance […]

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Orlando Crew Tours with the Stars of Harry Potter

Orlando DP/Partner Dan Beckmann led the GTT team as they helped give fans world-wide, a glimpse of the film stars as they embarked on a VIP tour of the soon-to-open Wizarding World of  Harry Potter! Beckmann got the morning off to a rousing start, by helping Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) announce (live on The Today […]

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From the backlot of Orlando’s Universal Studios, tour of Hogsmeade Village on Today Show

Showcasing Zonko's Joke Shop, and Honeydukes, the Today Show crew enjoyed, not only a taste of the Wizarding World, but also managed to find time to sample a few Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans - careful to pick around the vomit and grass flavoured candies!

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