Go To Team Camera Crew Production Group Shooting Video | It’s Holiday Time!

It’s Holiday Time!

Go To Team got into the Holiday spirit this year by placing themselves in scenes of some very notable Holiday films.

Check out all of the great pics and See if you can name all of the shows and movies!

It’s a Wonderful Life
(Ryan, Shawn, Dawn)

Jimmy’s Home Alone

Skip’s Christmas Story

Charlie Brown’s Christmas (Ian & Jimmy)

Patrick is Elfed

Shawn and Rudolph

Frosty the Director of Photography (Skip)

Tom as Homer Simpson

Nick’s Christmas Story

Jimmy the Grinch

Seriousily, it’s Dave Baker on Christmas Vacation

Miracle on 34th Street (Dawn)

The Chipmunk’s newest members (JohnSouth and the GTT Boble head)

Bad Tom Wells

The Go To Team Elf (Patrick)

The part of Ralphie will be played by Skip

Patrick the Bumble from the North Pole

Patrick Lou Who

The Brother’s Patrick Miser and Skip Miser from The Year Without a Santa Claus

The Nightmare before Christmas (Dawn as Sally)

The Grinch (Skip)

Have a Very Happy Holidays.