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Charleston, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, Waco, Texas, Denver, Colorado, Columbia, Chicago, Illinois, Miami, Florida, Dallas, Nashville, Tennessee, Phoenix, Arizona, Charlotte, North Carolina, San Francisco, California, Houston, New York City, New York, Washington, DC, Seattle, St. Louis, Missouri, Los Angeles, Cleveland, Ohio Video Production Camera Crew

Our camera crews are different.

In this day of ever-shrinking margins, time is the enemy. Trying to staff the critical camera crew on projects one-by-one means you have to continually rethink strategy as video crew become unavailable, or are just not up to your standards. That is why show-runners, production companies, agencies, networks and Fortune 500 companies turn to us: because we have the best trained video camera crew – fully outfitted with the latest in cameras and equipment – with the ability to travel and focus 100% on executing YOUR vision. Every camera crew has gone through our Federally Accredited Apprenticeship Program in the US (built by us for you).

We’re a partner.

We look at how we bring value to you – if we do our job right, we keep working with you. We own our gear, we build our team from the core, and all shooters are staff, fully bonded and insured. We pride ourselves for our ability to adapt to your production seamlessly and to capture what you envision, how you envision it, where you need us to be – literally anywhere in the world, when you need us there.

We’re passionate about storytelling and bringing you the exact visuals that exceed expectations, keep costs down and take the headache out of the crew process. Go To Team crew are STAFF – W2, fully insured and bonded. We find developing cameramen, build them through our one of a kind Federally Accredited Apprenticeship program, support them with training and equipment and then place them strategically throughout the country to service our clients. Our teams understand the politics of shooting environments and can fit any culture, from large sets with celebrity talent, to very personal shoots where the personal touch is important. We pride ourselves in being able to seamlessly blend to form larger and more specialized crews – like transformers of camera because we have them stationed throughout the country. We are your partner.

Staff Video Production Camera Crews

Recent Production Shoots With Our Video Camera Crews


We sat down with George Floyd’s niece Brooke, Pastor Ngwolo, Attorney Ben Crump, and his younger brother Philonise. We lit beautiful interviews for the ABC show Soul of a Nation.  We got to hear George Floyd’s story and his positive impact he had on his......

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Walmart brought in our Columbia, South Carolina Cameraman, Craig Goodale, to capture donations to Feeding the Valley Food Bank in Midland, GA “For seven years, Walmart has partnered with Feeding America® to fight hunger & spark change in the communities across the U.S. This year,......

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“Production has halted, shows are dark, some companies like XFL have filed for bankruptcy leaving people owed thousands of dollars and not everyone has gotten stimulus money. We know that content will come back and crews will get to work again, but we want every......

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“Walmart and the Walmart Foundation Commit $25 Million to Global COVID-19 Response Effort” Go To Team crews worked with Walmart to help cover this response effort across America. Florida, Michigan & Illinois were a few of the states we helped tell this story in.  Go......

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COVID-19 has had a major affect on almost every industry in the world. American Airlines has announced a 75 percent reduction in international flights beginning March 16 to May 6 according to a press release published last month. “Yesterday (April 14th) the TSA screened a......

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In the midst of the global pandemic the South East and the East Coast were both hit with a wave of severe weather and tornados. A tornado touched down in Hampton County, SC – killing 5. The Weather Channel sent Go To Team’s Atlanta DP,......

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Covid – 19 – Crew Pay Graphic

“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen! It takes laser focus minute by minute to navigate this crisis to keep my loved ones healthy and not only help take care of our great employees, but also vendor partners.” -Shawn Moffatt, Managing Partner Go To......

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Patrick – Webinar

Patrick Bryant – our founder will  be hosting a Webinar on Tuesday April 7th at 3PM ET to answer question regarding what steps crew members should be taking during this crisis. Please RSVP in the form below to get the Zoom Call information: https://forms.gle/NryjqJdZkWUMQghJ9 Topic:......

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