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Cleveland, Ohio – Camera Crew – Jordan Woods

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About Jordan:

  • What cameras and equipment have you worked with the most?

I primarily shoot with the Canon C300 Mk1 and Mk2 although I have shot with the Sony F5 and F55. For my B Cam I have used the Sony A7S2 quite a bit as well as the Canon 5D Mk 3 and Panasonic GH4. For ENG style productions I’ve used the Panasonic HDX 900, and the Sony PDW 700. To light my scenes I love using my Kino-Flo Diva 400 when I can; I get such a soft light from it that I love. I also have a full Arri Tungsten light kit as well as a 400 W HMI.

  • Do you specialize in a specific shoot style?

I am equipped to film any variety of shoots but my favorite would be filming events. Finding those moments in the crowd or on stage really excites me and filming people enjoying themselves is always fun.

  • How long have you been filming?
Professionally I have been filming for 3 years now but I’ve had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember.
  • Do you have a favorite project you’ve worked on?

Working with CNBC at Toyota Headquarters in Texas was probably my favorite project I’ve worked on so far. It was fun getting creative shots of the different cars and displays they had setup there.

Equipment List:

Arri Alexa Mini, RED Camera, Canon C300 and 5D, Sony F55, Panasonic HDX900 with Canon HD  Lens. Sachtler Tripod, Sony Field Monitor, Panasonic monitor, Odyssey, LED camera light, Sound Devices 633 4 Channel Mixer, 3 Lectrosonics 411 wireless mic systems, Lectrosonic wireless camera links, RA-50 stick mic, Tram and Sanken lavaliere mics, audio boom with Sennheiser shotgun mic, and MP3 Transcription recorder.

Extra Items: 200W/400W Bron-Kobald HMIs and whatever else will bring your heart joy.


Based in Cleveland, OH

Clients Worked With:

CNBC, Golf Channel, WWE, MLB, DAZN, Amica, ABC, and more!

What People Say About Working With Jordan:

Still Captures: