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Cleveland, Ohio – Camera Crew – John Riley

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About John:

  • What cameras and equipment have you worked with the most?

I use a Canon C300 (mkI) and a Canon 5d. As far as lighting goes, I try to only use led light panels whenever I can, so that my setups are really quick but look great.

  • Do you specialize in a specific shoot style?

I’m pretty well-rounded in what I shoot, but my favorite things to work on are stories that have heart and meaning.

  • How long have you been filming?
I’ve been with Go To Team for 3 years, but have been filming things since I was a kid. I’ve always loved cameras and telling stories.
  • Do you have a favorite project you’ve worked on?

My favorite project with Go To Team was the first thing I did when I moved to Texas. I shot a Travel Channel special about treehouses and zip lines. That was definitely the most fun I’ve had on a shoot.

Equipment List:

Arri Alexa Mini, Canon C300 and 5D, Sony F55, Panasonic HDX900 with Canon HD  Lens. Sachtler Tripod, Sony Field Monitor, Panasonic monitor, Odyssey, LED camera light, Sound Devices 633 4 Channel Mixer, 3 Lectrosonics 411 wireless mic systems, Lectrosonic wireless camera links, RA-50 stick mic, Tram and Sanken lavaliere mics, audio boom with Sennheiser shotgun mic, and MP3 Transcription recorder.

Extra Items: 200W/400W Bron-Kobald HMIs and whatever else will bring your heart joy.


Based in Cleveland, OH

What People Say About Working With John:

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