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Henderson • St. George • Flagstaff • Mojave National Preserve • Death Valley National Park  • Grand Canyon  • Coconino National Forest • Prescott National Forest  • Joshua Tree National Park  • Valentine • Sugar Bunker • Dixie National Forest • All Production Crew for Las Vegas


Why Hire Our Las Vegas, Nevada Video Production Camera Crew?

Ethan Sneed | Las Vegas Video Camera Crew

Originally from Charlotte NC, Ethan brings his shooting experience to Las Vegas. He’s ready to shoot news, sports, reality, and documentary shooting while bringing his creativity and professionalism to every set.  “The great thing about Las Vegas is its rich characters and landscape, two great things to tell awesome stories.”

A storyteller at heart, Ethan’s passion, determination, and ability to work under pressure make him ideal for anything each production throws at him. His work includes content for Fox News, Inside Edition, A. Smith & Co., Volvo, Toyota, Barstool, NFL Network, Golf Channel, ESPN and many more.

Ethan’s experience extends beyond the lens.  His work as a director, producer, and writer helps him tell your story exactly how you envision it. No matter how big or small, you can count on him to go above and beyond to produce gorgeous shots for any project. You’ll always leave the shoot with more content and angles than you could ever use.
Ethan’s Gear package includes: Sony Fs7 large sensor, Canon 5D secondary camera, HDX900, multiple light kits/panels, professional audio package with 2 wireless frequency agile lavaliere microphones, slider, and many more tools.

Recent Video Production Shoots in Las Vegas, NV,

Go To Team Las Vegas Crew | Lark Media - Shaun T

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would it be??  Fitness icon Shaun T, doesn’t believe that you have to pick just one! Shaun T’s newest book titled T Is For Transformation promises to help you unleash the 7 superpowers within you......

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The NBA, like any professional sport, can take a significant toll on a person’s body. Fortunately, organizations like the NBRPA are there to help players who suffer a career-ending injury or simply don’t get to stay in the league for as long as they would......

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There are videos that are obviously news and some that are obviously commercials. But how do you distinguish the shooting style as a cameraman? Go To Team’s Vegas cameraman, Ethan Sneed, helps us take a deeper look at style differences through his recent shoot with......

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Have you ever had a calling to help a child in need?  Spaulding for Children is a non-profit that works with children in the foster care system, and they are on a mission to find permanent and safe families for these children. Spaulding for Children......

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Vegas Crew | Pepsi NFL Interviews

Football season is upon us, and we are “wildly celebrating”! The Players’ Tribune recently partnered with Go To Team’s Las Vegas cameraman, Ethan Sneed, to capture footage of NFL players from across the league as a part of Pepsi’s “Wild Celebrations” Campaign. The shoot took......

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DAZN | Ethan Sneed

How do you view and get the latest information about your favorite sporting events? We use DAZN! DAZN provides live and on-demand coverage of sporting events in a variety of areas around the world. DAZN worked with Go To Team’s Las Vegas cameraman, Ethan Sneed,......

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NCMEC | Ethan Sneed | Abducted in Plain Sight

The world has been captivated by the story of Jan Broberg who in 1974 was abducted from a small church-going community in Idaho. Her captor was a trusted neighbor and close family friend. The story has been picked up by several major news outlets and......

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