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Last fall, Go To Crew had the opportunity to shoot the following episodes of “The Reel” for House of Highlights showcasing some of the biggest names in professional sports as they watch highlights from their careers and add additional commentary. The first shoot was in Brooklyn, NY with Mikal Bridges.  While the lighting set up is a bit on the simpler side for these we juggled a ton of cameras.  Luckily Senior Managing DP, Roggg Woodruff, had help from our NY DP, David Romain, and DC DP, Ryan Brower. They shot on four Sony FX9’s and two Sony FX3’s.  The FX3’s were mounted in a vertical configuration for social media content.
After wrapping this shoot, Roggg jumped on a plane for New Orleans and shot one with CJ McCollum of the Pelicans with Houston DP, Zach Machen.  In the mean time, our LA DP, Zach Reed, did another episode with Reggie Bush and Matt Barnes.
For the next episode, the gang got together in Atlanta, GA to shoot Dwight Howard. Roggg and Jack teamed up with Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, and apprentices Manny Frances and Brian Grant. Check out the vlog from this trip here: Dwight Howard Shoot in Atlanta
New England DP, Roggg, and apprentice, Jack Gaertner, have definitely been earning those frequent flyer miles this fall, as we’ve flown to 3 out 4 corners of the US. Next, they were off to Arizona to shoot with Johnny Football in the desert and Las Vegas DP, Drew Pilot. One of the unique features of this setup is the TV that acts as a monitor behind our cameras and allows for the host and the guest to actually watch their highlights. Sometimes you have to get a bit cardellini-creative to make it work! This is where those years of experience come in handy. As an apprentice, it’s a great opportunity to work with other GTT DP’s like Nate and Drew to see their system of doing things, and gain insights from other DP’s that always have something new to bring to the table.
Click the links below to check out our work!
Mikal Bridges – Brooklyn, NY (Roggg Woodruff, David Romain, Ryan Brower)
CJ McCollum – New Orleans (Roggg Woodruff, Zach Machen)
Reggie Bush – Encino, CA (Zach Reed)
Johnny Manziel – Scottsdale, AZ (Roggg Woodruff, Drew Pilot, Jack Gaertner) 
Matt Barnes – Los Angeles, CA (Zach Reed, Drew Pilot, Karl Egbe)
Dwight Howard – Atlanta, GA (Roggg Woodruff, Nate Silverman, Manny Frances, Jack Gaertner, Brian Grant)