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Chicago, Illinois – Camera Crew – Matt Rossetti


Matt_Rossetti@gototeam.com – 843-884-6222 ext 0


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Go To Team cameraman Matt Rossetti is excited for life in the Windy City. Rossetti left the sunny west coast behind in order to become the next Chicago cameraman.

Matt started out in video production in Tampa, FL where he graduated from the University of Tampa in 2011 with a degree in Film and Media Arts. From there Matt worked for a production company, Tampa Digital Studios. As a Junior Producer he learned the ropes of TV and web production from content producing, editing, gripping, and of course shooting and lighting. Armed with the tools of the trade, Matt moved to Raleigh in 2012 and started his own company where he worked for a variety clients all over the Southeast and even some as far as New York City and Calgary, Canada.

Since joining the Team in 2013 Matt has shot for many of Go To Team’s top clients including ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Intersport, NFL Network, Music Choice, and many more. Matt is committed to providing the highest quality video production services to all of his clients. His dedication, strong work ethic, and enthusiasm is apparent on every shoot.

Matt’s gear package is one of the best in Chicago.  He’s ready to shoot on High Definition with the Panasonic Varicam, HDX900, Sony F700, F800 and F900 – Sony F55, F3 – Canon C300 and 5D.

Still Captures:

Equipment List:

Standard: HDX900, Sony F900, Sony F800 XDCam, Z1u, V1u, Panasonic Varicam,  HVX200, Canon C300 & 5D, and Sony F55 & F3  w/ High Definition Canon lenses, Sachtler tripod, Panasonic HD field monitor, 9 Arri light heads with Chimeras, 2 Kino Flo Divas, IDX batteries, LED camera light, Sound Devices 522 – 5 channel mixer, 3 Lectrosonic wireless transmitters and receivers, wireless transmitters from audio person to camera, RE50 stick mic & 4 lavaliere mics, audio boom w/ Schoeps shotgun mic, & MP3 recorder with live transcription and timecode transcription capability.

Extra Items: LitePanels, 200W/400W K5600 HMI’s, Lectrosonic wireless IFB system, Canon 9×5.2 lens.


Chicago, IL


University of Tampa – Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts