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Chicago DP Hangs Out at General Mills HQ for the Week

Our Chicago DP, EJ Watson, is here in Golden Valley Minnesota with Bloomberg at the General Mills Headquarters, the place where they’re printing groceries for America. This was a 4 camera shoot focused on this company’s CFO, Kofi Bruce.

We started with a two person sit down interview with our Chief Financial Officer and our host Romaine Bostick. Two Sony FX9s acted as our single’s on both our talent. We used an FX6 as a Dirty OTS on Kofi, with the FS5II as our wide on an electronic slider.

We also got some great walk and talk shots! We got an aerial shot with the FX6 mounted to a 25 ft ladder. We also executed one of the shots by putting me in a wheelchair, and pulling me backwards for a two shot of our talent walking towards camera. This created somewhat of a poor man’s steadicam, and boy did it work like a charm!

The good thing about being at a global grocery enterprise, is that there is plenty options for b-roll. Whether it was filming the boxing process, the company stores, the machines in the laboratories, or just general branding throughout the facilities, we utilized the manual slider, and a little a little high speed action to deliver some beautiful shots for Bloomberg.