Charleston, South Carolina… great tourism destination and Go To Team’s home turf.

In our past commercials with the Charleston Visitor’s Bureau we emphasized Charleston’s history.  This time around we wanted to focus on some of what Charleston has to offer in present day. With recent press from major publications and TV shows we thought we should work some of those headlines into our ad. It’s alright to brag a little right?

When it comes to vacation, food and shopping Charleston is no slouch. To emphasize this we floated some of the recent press about Charleston over some of our gorgeous high definition footage that really captures those elements. Hey, when Conde Nast Traveler, The Food Network and Southern Living give your city the thumbs up, you might as well share. In essence it was a simple but effective idea: Here’s what the press is saying and here’s why they’re saying it.

When our HD crews are put on a shoot, we know their footage is going to look outstanding.  When their subject is Charleston, we know Charleston is going to get a boost to the local economy. Our Directors of Photography Tom Wells and Skip Clark shot the high definition footage on the Panasonic Varicam and Charleston editor, Adam Hellan cut the piece. For more on visiting Charleston, SC please visit the CVB Getaways Website.