LA Video Crew Uses The Arri Alexa During Fox Supports PSA Shoot



Go To Team now owns so many flavors of HD that it’s rare that we have to rent any gear!  But that was the case when Los Angeles based Skip Clark was shooting this year’s Fox Supports PSA for the Fox Sports NFL team.  Every season Fox Sports, through their charitable arm Fox Supports, picks a charity or organization to sponsor and this year it’s the Armed Forces Foundation.  The organization provides for members of our armed forces as they come home to their families after serving overseas.  Clark DP’d this year’s PSA featuring soldiers from both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars along with all the Fox Sports talent using the Arri Alexa.  The camera gear came from AbelCine and the kit was completed with gear from Go To Team’s inventory including Go To Team’s new set of Arri Ultra Primes.  There were two Alexas on the shoot to keep things moving – gotta keep the talent happy! – along with a trusty Go To Team Varicam, run by Dan Lowrey, for behind the scenes footage.