Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Classic Swing


Classic Swing


Go To Team’s Myrtle Beach office produced a 28 minute instructional video for Classic Swing Golf School, which is rated by Golf Magazine as one of the top 25 golf schools in the nation.

The video was shot on location at Legends Golf Course. The instructional video is the second volume in a series of golf instructional videos. After using another production company for volume one, golf instructors called on Go To Team’s video production services.

“They were very interested in improving their production value and that’s something we can do,” says GTT producer Thomas Hughes.

“We use the best equipment, we have experienced producers and videographers, and we have experience in this kind of program. We set out to make this video better than their last.” “It was a long day,” says Classic Swing golf instructor Ted Frick. “It took us eight hours for a 30 minute tape, but Thomas was great. He was very patient and kept us very relaxed. He did a good job. ”

Hughes adds, “They rehearsed what they wanted to say. They were very professional and prepared. But they were also open to suggestions on how to make the video better. Go To Team has a complete non-linear editing system and the video was edited in-house. “The system is very powerful; it is widely accepted and used by professionals and filmmakers,” says Hughes. “The client was very helpful, sitting in on the editing process.”

From start to finish, Go To Team took care of every detail of this production, even taking digital photos and using Photoshop to produce full color sleeves for the video. GTT made 1,000 dubs, and Classic Swing Golf School sells the tapes to its students.

“The response to the tape has been good,” says Frick. “Go To Team will convert the video to DVD soon and Volume III will be produced sometime next year. If anyone asks, I would definitely give Go To Team a thumbs up!”