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Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Wells goes to Varicamp

chipchart Wells goes to Varicamp

Wells goes to Varicamp

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chipchart Wells goes to Varicamp Go To Team’s Charleston based DP Tom Wells recently attended HD Expo’s “Varicamp” in Washington D.C. The three day workshop extensively covers all aspects of the Panasonic VariCam camera including color and density, motion, post production workflow and camera setup. Tom’s creative skills are already off the charts, Varicamp just really tweaks his understanding of the specifics of the Varicam.
“I’ve been shooting with the Varicam for several years now, but the Varicamp workshop really took my understanding to a new level. The knowledge I picked up will make a huge difference for our clients who depend and demand on the Varicam to deliver the highest quality images possible,” said Tom. To see Tom’s recent projects check out his on-line Resume and Reel.