Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Go To Team Plays With Red Demolition #18


Go To Team Plays With Red Demolition #18

Fox Sports tested the Red Camera in Talladega this past NASCAR weekend and Go To Team DPs Skip Clark & Tom Wells were on hand to demo the prototype Demolition #18. The Red Camera is a huge leap in High Definition and offers a lot of creativity to both the DP and the editor. While at the track Skip and Tom tried out a number of configurations; they used an 8mm prime lens for footage on the grid, a Canon 4.7 wide angle and a 21X long lens for ENG, and an Angenieux 25 to 250 cine-zoom long lens for some high speed trackside footage. While the camera is designed with a PL mount, Tom rented a PL-B4 adapter from Abel-Cinetech so they could mount their ENG lenses to the camera. And as with all things prototype, there are still some bugs to work out. With no viewfinder available, Tom & Skip had to use the Red monitor for shooting; this made an already large rig that much more cumbersome. But the weekend was still a success, great footage from trackside and a great Victory Lane celebration from Kyle Busch. Gatorade always looks good in slo-mo…