Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Charleston Crew with Edwin McCain at Swamp Sessions


Charleston Crew with Edwin McCain at Swamp Sessions

Deep in the Francis Marion National Forrest in the Carolinas, many musicians from across the country are joining together to participate in a unique album entitled “The Swamp Sessions.”

Video Clip

For the last 6months of 2011, GoToTeam crews have been on board to film the documentary about this unique solar-powered recording experience.  We will continue to follow the progress of the sessions, as well as following the re-emerging SE music scene over the next 6months.

Today, GoToTeam DP David Baker and Production Coordinator Becca Finley paddle down on a raft in the middle of the swamp for a one-on-one with Singer-Songwriter Edwin McCain, and then capture some of the recording sessions and impromptu gab between the artists. Watch for Weekly Friday clips of what will be included in this intriguing music documentary!