Nashville Crew Shoots for Merck Pharmaceuticals

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It’s not everyday you get to work for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.   Merck is in the process of implementing some new employee “well-being” policies.  They needed a video shoot outlining those policies and luckily they turned to us.

Before arriving at their corporate headquarters in Whitehouse Station, NJ, I made a stop in Charlotte to pick up my audio guy.  We were supposed to film this video outside but unfortunately the weather was terrible.  Plan B was to shoot this in a long corridor.  The hallway was a good back up.  It had lots of windows,  texture, and great depth.

I was shooting on the Panasonic HDX 900.  I lit my subject with HMI’s to match what sunlight was coming in.  I used my 1K and 600watt open face to add some texture and color.    We were only shooting one interview so the day went pretty fast.  Before I knew it New Jersey was in my rear view mirror.

Look mom I can apply makeup!