Nashville Crew Shoots for “Unsung” in Atlanta

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When I found out I would be shooting for Unsung I was pretty pumped.  I love the “behind the music” type shows.  I couldn’t wait to find out whom we were doing a show on.  It turned out we were shooting interviews with members of the group ConFunkShun.  Cool!

Melvin Carter of ConFunkShun.

Unsung has a specific look when it comes to interviews.  They sent me a backdrop to use a few days before the shoot.  I had a blast lighting these interviews.  For each interview I used a different pattern to add texture and depth.  I also got to play around with different colored gels.

I was shooting on two cameras for this shoot.  The Panasonic HDX 900 was my medium shot.  The Sony Z1U was framed as a close up shot.  One of the best things about the day was that we were in one of those big hotel rooms.  That meant I didn’t have to black out any windows plus I could get maximum depth.  Score!

Once everything was set up the day was smooth sailing.  It was a blast listening to all the stories about ConFunkShun.  I can’t wait to shoot for Unsung again!

Felton Pilate of ConFunkShun.