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Atlanta and Raleigh shoot for Golf

This year, the NCAA Men’s Golf Championship was here in Atlanta.  Jimmy and Mark traveled down from Raleigh to shoot it for a week, but I joined in for the last couple of days to get some of the more exciting highlights of it all. It’s a good gig, riding around the golf course and grabbing shots.  Although I enjoy it, following that little white ball it not as simple as it seems – you have to find the right formula to do it. On the final day, we started off the day with a live shot with one of the coaches then hit the course for some more highlight shots.  I was there to capture the emotion from the teams – the elation and excitement along with the disappointment and defeat.  I captured the award ceremony, backed it up and headed back to my place.


-Jeff M

Live shots in the AM



Shooting on the course




Jimmy and Mark getting in on the photo-op