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Atlanta Crew Rides to Nashville for NFL

I drove up to Nashville to shoot with good ol’ Craig on a story about DUI and NFL.  The story was about Delanie Walker, who played for the 49ers in last years Super Bowl.  Tragically, his aunt and uncle were taken away in a DUI accident and now he is sort of a crusader against DUI.  Craig and I busted out this 2 camera shoot pretty efficiently.  I went out to watch a bill get signed, and grabbed b-roll of a MADD meeting.  Meanwhile, Craig set up an interview and got a couple scenics of the city.  We met back at the hotel, shot the interview then did a staged segment where Delanie called for a cab service.  It was a long day, but me and ol’ Craig got it done!


-Jeff M

“Craig don’t move or you’ll get in my shot”


Craig taking pictures for his blog.