Charlotte crew shoots ‘got chocolate milk?’ promo in ATL.

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Football legend Hines Ward may have hung up his helmet and pads but that doesn’t mean he’s stopped pushing the boundaries of his athletic ability. I traveled to ATL for this gig for this  ‘got chocolate milk?’  promo shoot for the 2013 IRONMAN  World Championship. Apprentice Jeff McGovern and I began our day setting up green screen and lighting. Once the green screen was set we knocked our shots off with the HDX-900 and nanoflash.

After the green screen was done it was time  for a second 2-camera interview. For the second angle, I threw my panasonic HVX-200 into the mix with matching 900 scene file. The trophy room in Wards house provided an excellent backdrop with tons of jerseys and and trophies in glass cases.  I lit the interview with tungsten and a 400 Diva but the cool part about the trophy room was that is had pre-installed track lighting on dimmers which helped accent the trophies and overall light in the room. I threw the HDX-900 on my shoulder and wrapped the day up shooting B-roll of Ward doing his exercise routine as well as chugging chocolate milk in between. The shoot could not have gone better, we transfered files throughout the day so our producer could leave promptly to catch her flight. What can I say!? it was just  a solid day of shooting with a world class athlete. My next gaol after the shoot was a stop at the nearest gas station for some chocolate milk of my own.