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Dallas Crew Shoots Promos for the David Feherty Show

The Golf Channel is gearing up for a new season of the Feherty Show.  With Dallas being the place David Feherty calls home this was the natural location to shoot some promos.  The Golf Channel rented a house in a Dallas suburb.  It was hear that we altered a large den into a psychiatric office.  They really wanted to play up the silliness of David Feherty’s personality.

David Feherty checks his email between takes.

We shot these promos with two Sony F-800 XDCams.  One camera was on a doorway dolly.  It’s main objective was to capture an establishing shot.  The other camera was on sticks and mostly captured cutaways.  With a whole grip truck at our disposal we created this very cool, moody look.

Eventually we had Feherty lying on a couch talking to an actress playing a psychiatrist.  Some of the things David was saying were just too darn funny.  This guy is a hoot.  After we had David Feherty’s lines we switched and got the psychiatrist shots.   We wrapped about a half an hour before we had to be out of the house.  It was a little crazy getting out of there but we pulled it off.  I just love shooting for The Golf Channel.  These guys are great to work with.