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Nashville Crew Shoots For MSNBC’s “Your Business”

One aspect of my job that I love is that I tend to work with the same people over time.  Recently in Memphis, TN I got to work with a MSNBC producer that I hadn’t worked with in over two years.  In fact the last time I worked with him I was a wee-little apprentice running audio.  Needless to say we had a fun little reunion in Memphis.

President of Mid-South Welding, Mark Pledge.

I was shooting on a Panasonic HDX 900.  We were shooting a profile on a local business called, Mid-South Welding.  They manufacture gates, fences, and unique iron works.  Our day started with interviewing the designer, manager, and a loyal costumer.  We then shot some b-roll of the designer interacting with the costumer.  Afterwards I headed into the factory portion of the facility to shoot b-roll of the workers shaping iron.  After lunch I shot b-roll of some finished works.  This company truly creates works of art.

We ended our day by shooting the finished product at two homes.  Afterwards we shot some quick interviews.  I used what light was available in the home and then used my Diva Kino-Flo 400w as a key.  I just love how convenient this light is when time is limited.

I just love shooting in factories.

The schedule was tight but we made it work.  In fact we wrapped 30 minutes early.  I just love it when that happens.  The producer and I said our goodbyes and hopefully it won’t be another two and a half years till we work together again.

I could shoot their products all day. They are literally works of art made of metal.