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Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Nashville Cameraman “Bonds” With Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report bond 4 1 Nashville Cameraman “Bonds” With Bleacher Report

Nashville Cameraman “Bonds” With Bleacher Report

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Go To Team Production Equipment on the shoot: GoPro, F5, F55, A7S, Ronin Gimbal

Bleacher Report bond 4 400x300 1 400x300 Nashville Cameraman “Bonds” With Bleacher ReportDo you have a fear of commitment? Bleacher Report is trying to lessen that fear by making it more fun for elite high school athletes to announce their choice of University. Bleacher is producing videos in the form of famous movies giving star recruits an entertaining way to announce which college they have chosen to attend.
Bleacher Report bond 6 400x225 1 400x225 Nashville Cameraman “Bonds” With Bleacher ReportWhat famous movie did Nashville’s GoTo Team crew emulate for Atlanta Pace Academy basketball standout Wendell Carter Jr? Bond… James Bond. Go To Team worked with Bleacher Report producers and basketball recruit Wendell Carter Jr. to create a James Bond themed announcement video. The video featured the famous Bond intro, a badass car (Ferrari), and an action scene.

Watch Carter’s full Bleacher Report video !

Bleacher Report bond 1 1 400x299 Nashville Cameraman “Bonds” With Bleacher ReportWe used GoPros and a quadcopter for the Ferrari footage. We then set up dramatically lit shots of Carter in a basketball court where he dribbled, shot, and announced his decision. It was a really entertaining shoot.

Oh and many thanks to Bleacher Report for allowing us to ride in a Ferrari!