Nashville Crew with Rising Country Singer Brailey Lenderman

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Country songs are about relationships and story. We all love music and hearing a good story. We were excited to help tell emerging artist and rising country star, Brailey Lenderman’s. She captured our hearts through her new single, Remember All The Nights and she’ll soon capture yours. The story of the song is of nostalgia and capturing the excitement of youth.

Go To Team’s Nashville Director of Photography, Peter Leinenger, conceived and storyboarded the creative to capture the essence of Lenderman’s single. The video is about holding on to the feeling of the best night of your life, and knowing that the best is yet to come


Our video takes place backstage as Brailey gets ready to perform in front of thousands of screaming fans. As she goes through her warmup routine, she writes a social media post about the show. On her feed are pictures subtitled “3 years ago”

She’s flooded with memories of her past, driving down country roads with her friends laughing, her first kiss with her first love, running through the forest chasing each other with sparklers. These memories are the fuel she uses on stage. She sings to herself in her dressing room as we cut back to see these memories play out.


We continue to cut between the past and present as the final refrain picks up. Brailey comes out of the dressing room. She passes other band members going through their own warmup routines. She makes her way to the stage door. Her last line “Time waits for no one” is said as a mantra to herself. She opens the door and steps into the bright lights of the camera flashes as fans scream with excitement.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it for managers Sybil Hall and Phoenix Stone with Halogen Entertainment.