Go To Team Houston Crew | Hannity Interview with Solomon

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Cable news networks frequently broadcast live talkbacks. For this type of shoot, a news anchor interviews someone in a different location on live television. Talkbacks are common on news channels that focus on politics. 

Go To Team Houston Crew | Hannity interview with Solomon

Recently, Fox News anchor, Martha MacCallum, conducted an interview with John Solomon while he was in Texas and she was in New York for a Hannity segment. The interview revolved around Solomon responding to criticism of his writing. 

Fox News called on Go To Team’s Houston TX cameraman, Kirby Clarke, to capture live interview footage of John Solomon from his location in Galveston, Texas. Political talkback segments are usually fairly short, and this particular shoot lasted under five minutes. 

Go To Team Houston Crew | Hannity interview with Solomon

The crew set up a Sony F5 and two lite panels for this shoot. Additional lighting is almost always needed for this type of interview shoot since they are usually set up inside. As you can see in the behind the scenes picture, John Solomon is highlighted with litepanels to the side and overhead. LED litepanels provide a constant source of illumination, they are great for stationary scenes, and for interview shoots. They are also very light and portable! 

To watch the full segment, click here!

Thanks to Fox News for choosing Go To Team!  We hope to work with them on future projects!