Go To Team & Assignment Desk release over $290k to vendors and crew members to support them during the crisis

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“This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen! It takes laser focus minute by minute to navigate this crisis to keep my loved ones healthy and not only help take care of our great employees, but also vendor partners.” -Shawn Moffatt, Managing Partner

Go To Team and Assignment desk are releasing over $290k to vendors and crew members.

While we’re all unemployed in our individual states and equally frustrated that it sounds like the Fed’s additional $600 won’t get to any of us until after April 26th, to help support you in this crisis we’re releasing over $290k to vendors and crew members. We’re not only making sure our staff is taken care of but you as well.

It takes a true team to cover more than 4,000 shoot days each year. A big Thank You goes out to valued vendors and crews. 

“After our webinar to help vendors, we really felt the need to help you as quickly as possible. The best way we could do that is to immediately push payments out regardless of when they are due”. -Patrick Bryant, Founder / Partner

If you have an invoice in our system, Go To Team and Assignment Desk will send your check check out immediately. 

Combined the two organizations had over 1,500 1099 and self-employed crew members in 2019. 

Checks will be going out to hundreds of people throughout the United States in positions including makeup artists, audio operators, camera operators, and video producers. Our ADesk (http://adesk.app) software platform has thousands of crew profiles with more than 4,000 shoots booked last year. 

“We ask all crew members to update, register, and share our ADesk crew profiles, so that when the work starts coming back we can get them on shoots as soon as possible.” -Courtney Crosby, Operations Manager.

Our thoughts are with all of you as we get through this. We’re looking forward to our next shoot together. 

Stay Healthy. Stay Safe,

Go To Team and Assignment Desk