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Atlanta Crew Covers Misfits Boxing Match

Summer is here, so it’s time to enjoy the nice weather and shoot days to come. July was a great month for variety, but our Atlanta crew got many sports related events throughout the second half of the month. One shoot that topped the list for month was Misfits Boxing.

Atlanta DP, Nate Silverman, and Apprentice, Manny Frances, got to shoot for Misfits Boxing in July. For this shoot, Nate and Manny followed around a man who opted to fight on eight days notice. With no fighting experience, the fighter picked up some training to be able to better his chances to win. He has not trained at all… so it’s an unusual circumstance – to say the least.

Doing documentary/on the fly coverage is a favorite style of our crews. They get to try and make the space immersive and the answers and interactions we get our very genuine.