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Cleveland DP captures 2023 Buffalo Bills Media Day

Buffalo Bills Media Day is here! Cleveland DP, Jordan Woods, started by setting up a 10 x 20 green screen, which needed to be lit at an even 50 IRE. He accomplished that with two Nanlight Forza 300s and two Forza 60Bs with full softboxes. The talent was lit with two astras. The hair light was executed with a white circular bounce, flown in via mathews arm and combo stand. The object of the rig was to suspend the bounce about a foot over our sitting talents head, while aiming a gelled tungsten from the ground to the center of the bounce.

It’s always fun to find new and creative ways to assemble the gear. It’s also fun to not only hear the alma matter of some of the NFL’s biggest stars, but to hear them answer fun questions like: “What does it mean when we say ‘You got mossed?'” or “What’s the most overrated thanksgiving dish?”  We won’t give away what those answers here, but we will tell you, our crew had an awesome time!