Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | New England Apprentice ‘Flying Solo’ on Practice Shoot

New England Apprentice ‘Flying Solo’ on Practice Shoot

This week, the New England team got the amazing opportunity to shoot at Burlington International Airport. The apprentice, Jack Gaertner, became the shooter for this awesome practice shoot at the Vermont Flight Academy. We shot an interview with an aspiring Air Force pilot who took us out onto the tarmac, where F-35’s practically landed right on top of us. This was a great way to get some experience lighting an interview, shooting B-roll sequences, and handling gear as a ‘one man band’. Both the FX9 and the FX3 made an appearance on this shoot, and the lighting in the hangar was achieved with a Nanlite 300 and 90 par softbox with some negative fill for more control.


It was a super cool experience learning all about different kinds of aircraft and their maintenance, but the most incredible part was the private flight around New York City to cap off the unbelievable shoot. We got to fly what’s known as the Hudson River Corridor, and capture amazing views of the Manhattan skyline from 1100 ft in the air.

An unforgettable experience, and a great training opportunity continuing to prepare Jack to launch a new Go To Team market!