Go To Team Elite Camera Crew & Video Production Crew | Northeast Crews Team Up for Fanatics Shoot

Northeast Crews Team Up for Fanatics Shoot

Earlier this month, Roggg Woodruff and David Romain teamed up in Connecticut to shoot the first episode of a new series hosted by Dan Orlovsky and Laura Rutledge for Fanatics.

This was to celebrate the rolling out the new 2023 Bowman College football trading cards. Always a good time working with other Go To Team DP’s, especially when we get the opportunity to put together such a sharp look for a favorite client!


The team is very proud of how this look turned out! They shot with 2 Sony Fx9s and a Sony Fx6. A Nanlite lantern used as a key and 4 Nanlite 60’s were used to light the background. For a little pop of color, the crew threw in a couple of RGB panels to give the final look that classic “Bowman Blue”.

Couldn’t ask for a better crew and a smoother shoot!