We’ll stick to video and let MUSC Neuroscience save lives

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Go To Team gets to work with tons of high profile clients, but we are quite happy that we don’t have lives hanging in the balance. However, our friends at MUSC save lives everyday. This most recent video for  the Neuroscience Department tells the story.

Director of Photography Tom Wells shot interviews on High Definition Panasonic P2 cameras over several days before it headed over to post-production in our Charleston edit suite. The interviews were shot using a smooth white china silk as a backdrop to maintain a clean look while allowing graphic elements to be layered easily into the background. We were able to blend the interviews with work from photographer Brennan Wesley along with MUSC’s in-house medical artist, giving the final video an interesting mixed-media kind of feel. The result was a compelling piece that will raise awareness for the amazing miracles MUSC makes routine.