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Cleveland Camera Crew CNBC The Profit Effect

Cleveland Camera Crew Learns The Profit Effect with CNBC

Our Cleveland camera crew, Ryan Lohr and Kyle Kaiser, followed up with the Windward Boardshop in Chicago after being on CNBC’s “The Profit” with Marcus Lemonis.

From The Profit to The Profit Effect on CNBC

CNBC’s “The Profit” is all about billionaire entrepreneur, Marcus Lemonis, finding struggling businesses and helping to turn them around. He is investing his own money, so he expects to make a profit. He does whatever is necessary to make that happen – he has even fired the president of the company before! CNBC likes to follow up with the companies on “The Profit Effect” to find out how the businesses are doing after Lemonis invests in them. Let’s find out how Windward Boardshop is doing.

Cleveland Camera Crew CNBC The Profit Effect

Marcus Lemonis Turns Around Windward Boardshop

Windward Boardshop, a retail store specializing in winter and water sports apparel, was started by three friends who loved those athletic outdoor sports. Sometimes it takes more than passion to make a business work, though. That’s why Marcus Lemonis stepped in and invested his money, time and expertise to save the floundering shop. He had them remodel, update their website, make employees more efficient and expand their marketing strategy.

Cleveland Camera Crew CNBC The Profit Effect

How is the Windward Boardshop Doing After The Profit?

Our Cleveland camera crew sat down with the Windward Boardshop’s three partners to find out how they think the company is doing since being on “The Profit.” Things have improved and they don’t think that would have happened without Marcus. What was their #1 takeaway from him? Always keep pushing and never settle.

What a great idea to follow up on how struggling businesses are doing after being helped by “The Profit.” So happy for the Windward Boardshop. Thanks for letting us help tell this story CNBC!

Watch the full story below.